and then arrest you for interfering in the rescue efforts that we aren’t making.

54-year-old Maurizio Biasini went to a Mendocino Beach called Portuguese Beach with his two twin sons, Dario and Andriano Biasini, and fell into the water. The police and fire department refused to go into the choppy water as the father was swept further and further out to sea. When the sons screamed at the officers for not acting and one tried to go into the water, the police tasered one son twice. The father was lost.

The fire department insisted on waiting for the Coast Guard as the distraught sons demanded action and swore at the officers. According to one witness, it was the police that turned the confrontation into a physical matter by grabbing one son around the neck and lifting him off the ground. They then tasered one son who wanted to rescue his father not once but twice. To make matters, the police proceeded to criminally charge the son for . . . you guessed it . . . interfering with a rescue that they refused carry out.


The Fuzz.

[via Patriotboy]

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with cops, these days? I really have to think twice about calling them, because I’m inviting in an unpredictable bunch of guys who don’t seem to appreciate the lethality of their toys and are more concerned with their own egos than our safety.

Personally, I never have trouble with the cops, probably because I’m a “white” guy who knows to use the word “sir” a lot when talking to them. But if someone is breaking into my house, I really have to think twice about complicating the situation by injecting passive-aggressive bureaucrats with guns into the situation.

I mean, I can call the cops, and then they can come over and shoot my dog, tase my child, beat everyone to the ground, and then stand around for hours doing paperwork while demanding we all show them the deference due a Satrap. If I have lots of cash lying around for Christmas, they can steal it under the pretext of thinking it might have something to do with “drugs,” the magic word that makes the constitution go away. They get to keep my money, even if they can’t prove anything. I will never have my day in court. The thieves will go free because they have badges. If things go really badly, they can always plant evidence (happened to a friend of mine).

I think I’d be better off shooting the intruder and then sending the rest of my family to a relative’s house so that they won’t be brutalized by the other thugs. You know, the ones with the badges? I’ll handle them myself, just so I don’t have to live with the memory of my wife lying face down on the tile with some guy’s knee in her back while I try to tell her it will be OK, it’s all going to be OK.

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of interrupting the sadism. Feeding frenzies are strange things. A colleague of mine tried to tell three agitated cops that they were interrogating a deaf man (the cops were getting really frustrated ’cause he wouldn’t comply with spoken commands). So they beat her, all 110 lbs. of her, to the ground and broke a few of her ribs. Wow. Threat neutalized, commander! That was a close thing. She almost used the subjunctive on you.

At the AHA two years ago, some dumb thug started an international incident when he beat a man to the ground — WAIT FOR IT — for jaywalking. The thug in question wasn’t in uniform, but couldn’t understand why the foreign scholar didn’t immediately obey his every whim. (The setup in Atlanta was poorly thought-out, funneling dozens of visiting historians across the middle of a street between two hotels.) Tackle. Choke-hold. On the ground. Arrested. Held overnight.

Sadism. It’s the only explanation.

“We know you have your consumer choice of armed thugs, and thank you for choosing ThugCo, the ‘thin blue line™’!”

Not every person is a walking killing machine, guys. And self-respecting people who have nothing to hide will probably spend a second or two contemplating whether or not they want to comply with a GET ON THE GROUND, NOW!!! order when they don’t know what’s going on. That’s how you can spot them: they still have their dignity.

Or perhaps that infuriates you. Actually, I don’t care. You’re not my master, you’re an employee, a damned important one at that. Try not to fuck it up. You’re here to protect people, not maul them.

Torture is right out. If you got into this business to torture people, consider that other cops might not want to be associated with you. In Austin, the ones who couldn’t get into APD came down to UTPD, which is how we wound up with a rapist and a racist who liked to watch dogs hurt people. Both had prior offenses before bad press and inconvenient semen forced law enforcement to enforce the law. I would like to think that the cops who didn’t lie to make it through the psychiatric eval are even more pissed off by stories like this, because it gives people the wrong idea about cops in general.

At least I hope it’s the wrong idea. Like religion, we only hear about cops when things go badly, to that point where these days religion seems like nothing more than an excuse to be an asshole. I know there are good Christians, for instance, out there, but they seem to be camouflaged with the assholes.  A couple of guys I know from high school went into law enforcement.  I always try to remember them when I hear shit like this.