Deepak Chopra is going after Sean Hannity. Regretfully, no power tools were involved.

Das ist nicht ein Fechtbuch

Das ist nicht ein Fechtbuch

I sent the following letter to Sean Hannity recently in response to his misrepresentation of what I said on his show regarding the Mumbai terrorist attacks. I have not received any response back from him. Today I read it aloud on my Sirius-XM radio program and am now making it public here as well.

Dear Sean,

I saw a report about last night’s show that quotes you as follows:

“Hannity continued by saying, “We had Deepak Chopra on last night and he’s blaming America! …He was blaming America for the attacks in Mumbai and I challenged him on it and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. You’ve done so well in America. Why are you blaming us?’ We protect 100% of the world’s population. We’re 4% of it.”

I am really disappointed in you. Do you not remember your other guest when I was on, former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen? He made the same point I did about America’s policy toward the jihadists: “Are we creating more terrorists than killing them?” Ironically, this question is attributed to Donald Rumsfeld.

It really doesn’t matter to me personally whether you agree with me or not. Leaving our debate aside, your habit of taking statements out of context and playing the blaming game is sad. You have a powerful platform that influences many people. Why do you use your influence to monger fear, militancy, divisiveness, and jingoism?

Uh, because fearful, authoritarian, isolated, and insecure people are more easily exploited by their economic betters, Mr. Chopra.

Hannity may be a reactionary by nature, and therefore honest in and of himself. But the only reason he has a platform to do what he does, the only reason you know his name, is because he’s useful to his betters, too. That’s why he can lie about what you said and you, a media personality in your own right, can’t do a damned thing about it.