Yeah, my wife got sucked into the “Twilight” zone, even saw the stupid movie, which reportedly is worse than the books. And here I thought people read out of intellectual curiosity or the need for stimulus, to expose themselves to new things, not just for the sake of novelty, but because it makes life (read: “you”) more interesting.

Uh, no:

Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga has stormed onto the national scene drawing streams of female fans, ranging from pre-teens to adults and has spurred a blockbuster movie…and has just reiterated the same concept illustrated to me by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code: most people have no idea what composes good storytelling or literature.

During my Thanksgiving break, I read all four books, one of which totals over 700 pages, in order to figure out why exactly these books have risen in such popularity (I am still completely baffled). Just the simple fact that I was able to breeze through these books indicates the serious amount of editing needed by these pieces of literary dogshit. The author is extremely overindulgent in describing the day to day romances and conversations between not only her two “star crossed” lovers but everyone else around them. It is seriously like listening to a 12 year old talk about her day and who said what in gym class, biology and OMG do you think he likes me.

Like reality TV, books like the Twilight series provide a necessary level of static for people who would otherwise be left with the sound of themselves … thinking.