Via TPM:

Attorney General Mukasey was roughly twenty minutes into a speech defending the administration’s torture policies and particularly arguing against prosecutions of people who made decisions in the aftermath of 9/11 (essentially arguing against what he believed amounted to the criminalization of policy differences).

Some seven or eight minutes prior to the incident a heckler start shouting, calling Mukasey a “tyrant.” But the AG seemed unfazed by this; and members of the audience shouted the heckler down.

The eyewitness tells me that Mukasey seemed particularly in earnest about the argument he was making. And when he first began to falter it appeared he was merely choking up. Soon, what at first appeared to be choking up blended into slurred words. Twenty to thirty seconds later he collapsed, his fall broken by a nearby FBI agent.

An eyewitness, apparently, has never seen photos of abu Ghraib:

After collapsing, Mukasey lay on the stage for about 10 minutes being attended to by his FBI security detail and medical personnel at the dinner, said eyewitness Abigail Thernstrom, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Though he lost consciousness initially, Mukasey appeared to be awake when he was taken from the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in northwest Washington, she said.

“It was hard to watch such a thing,” Thernstrom said. “It was horrible.”

Was it really? Then, by all means, please keep Ms. Thernstrom’s virgin eyes from this website. She might collapse, too.

But this issue seems to be on their minds, lately?, and they’re getting a bit testy (or maybe just hallucinating):

McCORMACK: And — and one thing I do take exception to is the idea that somehow we are not attentive to pushing the issue of human rights, whether it’s in Libya or any place else around the world. I don’t think — I would put the record of this administration up against any American administration or any other government around the world in terms of promoting universal human rights and pushing for human rights.

I wish you hell on earth and a dungeon between your ears. May you wake up screaming so often even your wife loses all sympathy for you and can’t wait for you to blow your brains out. Your hands shake, all your favorite vices are ashes in your mouth, and when you first hold your grandchild you will only be able to see how close we all are to being made into rotting meat, abandoned to the flies.

You should die alone, unmourned even by your own families, who know what monsters you are and what you did.

And you should not be buried on American soil.