After yesterday’s post, I thought I’d go see what Field Negro had to say today. And, as it turns out, he had done a good job of putting into words what I was thinking about Zawahiri’s “house negro” jab at Obama: Obama is the chief executive, or will be in two months. Does Zawahiri just not know what a “house negro” is? Doesn’t Zawahiri know how insulting this is to black Muslims everywhere?

The O man is not a house Negro. In fact, the closest he has ever been was to the patio. Yes he will be living in the (really big) house, but he is not a house slave; he runs that shit. He answers to no one. He is massa. To call him a house Negro would be missing the entire point of just who a house Negro is, and what he represents. And another thing: we field Negroes helped to elect him and put him in the house, so we have no problem with him being there. In fact, we wanted him there. So when you call him a house Negro you are calling all the Negroes who put him there house Negroes as well. That is not cool. If you are trying to get black folks and Muslims in A-merry-ca to sympathize with your cause, this ain’t the way to do it, you are only alienating some of the folks here. Have you ever heard the word Obamaholic?

Now, I know things are tough for al Qaeda these days, and they are getting desperate with their efforts to recruit. But attacking A-merry-ca’s first black Prez, and a man that is revered throughout the African diaspora is not the way to go about it. Ayman al Zawahiri should stick to attacking George Bush. Now I am wondering if that Cave Negro, Osama, is still alive. If he is he needs to put a check on old Ayman, and fast.
And Ayman, the best advice I can give you is this: you and all the rest of the Cave Negroes need to just chill. Because his O ness is in the house now, and he ain’t afraid to use massa’s toys.
Even in the early days of the Ummayad caliphate, Muslims had already decided that Islam was not an exclusively Arab faith. They may have discouraged conversion in the territories they conquered, initially, but that was more a matter of preserving their tax base.
But I can’t help but detect a little bit of the Arab condescension that we heard so much about back when al Qaeda was operating freely in Afghanistan: that they considered the central Asians second-class Muslims, that an AQ high muckety-muck unilaterally converted an Afghan girls’ school into his private harem, in short that non-Arabs were disposable, Muslim or no.
How are Zawahiri’s comments any different from similar outbursts in Austria, Poland, and Italy?
There is an awful lot I’d like to say to murderous, superstitious freaks like Zawahiri, but the war has dragged on long enough that I’ve already said them all:

Where people like you are in charge, whole nations are dragged down into poverty, misery, and ignorance. Their power is greatest where people are poorest. There is no theocracy on earth that is not also a sewer. This cannot be a coincidence. Look around. Has it occurred to you that you’re worshipping the wrong God?

If I follow you down into the dirty streets, the open sewers, the swarming flies, and the festering sores, if I follow you down into the stench that stewed up your God for you, will I find (if you believe in both a Good and a Bad spirit) that you were simply mistaken? If there is a God, and if He is concerned with your fate, then clearly He is punishing you for what you are. Why should I listen to you? Do you think I want to share your fate?

The ancient, law-obssessed faiths all grew out of the same brutality.

If I apply all of the laws that someone says God gave them long ago, I find that I am reproducing the blood-taboos of a people who otherwise lived in filth. It was the best they could do at that time. I don’t have that problem. For lack of an argument, their “do this, don’t do that” could only find roots in the unseen. Shallow, like weeds, they creep everywhere. Your victims could only be compelled by dark threats in the hereafter, or by real threats carried out in the dark, you coward.

Perhaps gibbering in the streets and brutalizing women is the best you can do?

There is no reason to follow you back into a past just so you can become relevant. We will not throw away our civilization just so your brutal laws can seem necessary. I don’t care which head of the serpent you choose to worship, I will not give up my birthright just so you can pretend to be something you’re not.

The only reason our fanatics can’t brutalize us the way they used to is because, a few hundred years ago, they were shown their place. Those for whom God is merely a blank check were left to run lesser countries. And, every time they step out of their place, they’re put back, a little more sheepish, a little more ridiculous.

You will insist that God’s law is above man’s law, but only because you get to make up what God’s law means. God never shows up to set the story straight, so you will never pay for stealing His authority. Surely the words of your prophets you’ve learned to mouth, to chirp like a bird in a cage, cannot register at all on that fevered clay we might call your brain. Some prophets talk about how we are measured by how we treat the least of us.

You do not brutalize women because God told you to. You do it because you think it’s easy. Like any coward, you attack the weakest among us simply because you can.

Zawahiri’s only accomplishment in life has been the murder of women and children. Even AQ’s groupies are pissed at him. Half-assed racist blatherings are the old man’s way of trying to stay relevant.