That sleazy little man is now on a charm offensive, a man with all the charm of a child molester. That sleazy little man is groping America’s privates with greasy lies in the dark. When night falls on November 4th, Wolf Blitzer can show us the red spots on the electoral map where the bad man touched us.

For a Republican, that’s the sweet spot. Fight through their defenses and, if you can just get a finger on it, you can take anything you want. Infected, it seethes with a menagerie, or else a haunted house, where monkeys run for president, where babies rot on shelves, where a man pauses to whisper in a Democrat’s ear before planting a bomb, where thieves warn about the end of capitalism, where our enemies have infiltrated the capitol, and where great coups from little acorns grow.

This is why, when I see a Republican, I see a bigot, a fool, and a coward.

They keep their victims locked up in a cocoon where all they can hear is the steady drip of Limbaugh’s lies, in between his trips to the under-age sex capital of this hemisphere. The world outside is worse, he tells them, a place where commerce is punished, people with degrees look down on bigots, dirty people get medicine, and Muslims fuck their way to world supremacy. The victim is terrified. If she ever escapes, she will cover her eyes and slash fitfully at a hateful world that only exists in her head.

That sleazy little man is the torture victim who voted for torture. The man who was barred from the White House with lies about black lust now tells us that welfare queens will take over the treasury. The sleazy little man hunted down everyone who ever hurt his family so he could give them a paycheck. It is the Selfish Meme, the kind of hurt that reproduces itself, where the trauma takes on a life of its own and compels the victim to pass it on. Abuse is a disease and the victim is a vector.

And now, that sleazy little man is desperate to pass on his disease to his fellow prisoners before he dies.