You can see it here. Obama asks for and gets the resignation of an advisor for calling Hillary “a monster.”

Hillary confirms that she thinks the comparison of Obama to Ken Starr is “accurate.”

Hillary is in no position to offer advice on proper behavior to anyone, just in case that needed saying.

In the meantime, the best response to Hillary’s bizarre negative tactics is to make her pay for them, not to ignore them.

Hillary said on Friday that she thinks I’m just like Ken Starr. You know, the tobacco lawyer who hounded the Clintons on, it turned out in the end, nothing.

I’m just like Ken Starr?

I wonder, can anyone in Senator Clinton’s campaign ask her for me, ‘do you see Ken Starr all the time or just when the moon is full?’ It must have been awfully traumatizing to go through all that. I say ‘must have been’ because, the damage is obvious. She’s hallucinating. Ken Starr is everywhere! Be afraid, be very afraid! She even stole an ad from the McCain campaign, just to make sure you were afraid. Just as scared and confused as she is.

I’m Ken Starr. Imagine that.

But when someone in my campaign stepped over the line, they were through. She was gone the next day. And that’s the difference between me and my opponent. She’s still out there pushing the NAFTA story, even though she knows not only that it’s wrong, but that her own campaign did what she accused me of doing. Her people have been pushing my connections to Rezko, meanwhile her campaign is taking money from his co-defendants.

And she gets a free pass for that. Wow. This must be more of that pro-Obama media bias she was complaining about.

I don’t think the American people are going to support a candidate who lies to you, who thinks you’re dumb enough to fall for it, and who blames her problems on the opposition. We already have someone like that in the White House, and the American people are sick of it.

I dunno why I keep writing these things. They just come to me.