There’s a reason why the Texas caucuses show one thing and the primary shows another. There’s a reason why the Texas Joint Primary Election of March 4, 2008 had a 700,000 ballot undercount on the Democratic side alone. There’s a reason why exit polls show so many Republicans voting for Hillary, enough to account for her win.

There’s a reason why Hillary’s still in the race: conservatives put her there.

On Tuesday, assigned to a rural, conservative precinct, I checked in hundreds of smirking conservatives who talked about voting for Hillary even if they had to hold their nose. They didn’t talk about Limbaugh much, the talked about the phone ringing off the wall as phone bank after phone bank turned them out to prolong the Democratic primary. As they walked past the Republican table, their volunteers jeered at them, made jokes about not telling their wives, etc. Everybody knew everybody, and everybody know what was going on.

There’s nothing left of the Hillary campaign but the conservatives’ tool. That’s all she is anymore.

I’ll let others cover how Hillary fell for a story planted by the Canadian Conservative Party.



Or … maybe I won’t.