This is your party on Clinton.

This is your party on Obama.

Any questions? If so, ask this guy, ’cause I dunno from statistics.

A few observations:

  • Clinton doesn’t just lose the election, she loses the Democratic Coast.  Under the Clinton scenario, the Republicans are able to break out of their mountain west bloc into Oregon on one side and Iowa on the other.
  • Obama makes inroads into the mountain west, continuing the gains of 2006.  Nevada is waffer-thin, but then there’s New Mexico and Colorado to consider.
  • Is Texas slightly less pink under Obama?  Good.
  • Obama solidifies the Republicans’ grip on the deep south.  Just look at it:  they’re turning deep red, engorged with hate at the prospect of a black man running the country.
  • I’ll be interested to see the numbers move in Florida, Ohio, and Texas over the next few months.