PBS’ program, NOVA, has established a resource to help teachers resist the push for superstition in the classroom.  The Panda’s Thumb has the scoop:

Course goals include:

  • understanding the nature of science and the major concepts and theories in evolutionary biology;
  • understanding the legal history of the creationism/evolution issue;
  • explaining why intelligent design and other religiously based alternatives to the theory of evolution are not science and do not belong in the public school science classroom; and
  • generating strategies for responding to a parent or school board insisting that intelligent design be included in a biology curriculum.

It’s like boot camp for thinking people!  The problem we always face, when dealing with the Ignorance Industry, is that we have to know twelve times as much as their morons so that we can be prepared for whatever they’ve been taught to be stupid about this week.  Next week, it will be something else.

NOVA also has a section for students.

Science:  where superstition goes to die.