Via the Agonist, Marcy Wheeler has traced the improbable trajectory of Vicky Iseman’s career, and comes to a startlingly bad headline:

Was Vicky Iseman a Swallow?

Marcy Wheeler at emptywhell conjectures that Vicki Iseman’s job was to target McCain, assigned by her powerful employers. She was successful and well rewarded.

Iseman’s role in two media corporations who did big favors for Bush, rather than McCain, actually raises more questions for me than it answers. My biggest question about this whole scandal is why this is coming out in 2008, rather than during the South Carolina campaign in 2000. If Iseman was bragging so openly about her access to McCain–and if McCain’s advisors saw it as one of his big weak points in the 2000 campaign–then why didn’t Karl Rove use it?

Iseman, it turns out, wasn’t a “lobbyist,” she was picked to target John McCain. Prior to that, she was a receptionist.

Apparently, they figured out John McCain’s taste in women (blonde, with the body of a twelve year old boy), and then found some matching piece of penocha from the steno-pool to hurl at the unsuspecting senator.

No way to run a government.