Samuel L. Jackson has been campaigning for Obama in east Texas.  It’s OK, I’ll wait while you blink and read that again.

I thought his comments were very interesting:

“I’ve been kind of apathetic for a while, and I haven’t been active in campaigns,” said Jackson. “I think it’s time to let people know that the more active we are–the way we used to be in the sixties and seventies–the more people understand who we are, what we want, and who we are, collectively, as a people.  It’s about time we had someone who listened to us and addressed our needs in that way.” 

I think the fundamental damage done to American politics by the consolidation of media control isn’t the control of message, it’s the control of message which has spread apathy and resignation in politics.  That’s the opposite of the sense of entitlement to speak that made it possible for ordinary Americans to afflict the comfortable.

Ever wonder when “activist” became a dirty word?