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Jon Elrod woke with the taste of Jim Oberweis‘ turgid penis on Jon Elrod’s lips. Even though Jim Oberweis was gone, Jim Oberweis‘ juices and manhood lingered in Jon Elrod’s mind and on Jon Elrod‘s cloying lips like Vaseline. The events of the previous night came racing back to Jon Elrod, clogging Jon Elrod‘s mind with visions of ecstasy.

Jon Elrod had never known a man like Jim Oberweis before. When Jim Oberweis came and boldly sat next to Jon Elrod, the musky scent of Jim Oberweis‘s manliness turned Jon Elrod from tigress to gentle kitten. Jon Elrod belonged to Jim Oberweis before Jim Oberweis‘s supple buttocks pressed aggressively against the tattered faux-leather covering of the barstool.

After sitting nursing Jim Oberweis‘s drink for what seemed like a hundred eternities to Jon Elrod’s already soaked vaginal cavity, Jim Oberweis leaned toward Jon Elrod to speak. Jon Elrod‘s massive, sentimental breasts heaved in sexual anticipation. Jim Oberweis‘s breath, a combination of lust and malt liquor, intoxicated Jon Elrod nearly as much as Jim Oberweis‘ words.

“My name is Jim Oberweis,” Jim Oberweis said, Jim Oberweis‘s smoldering eyes aflame in the victory Jim Oberweis would soon celebrate. “And soon, I shall have you.”

Jon Elrod’s heart pattered and swayed with passion as Jim Oberweis‘ rough hand took Jon Elrod’s, and led Jon Elrod from the bar to Jon Elrod‘s sparse, yet highly sexual studio apartment upstairs. Jon Elrod‘s eyes, clouded in lust, could see nothing but Jim Oberweis‘s strong, opulent frame — though Jim Oberweis was easily four inches shorter than Jon Elrod, Jim Oberweis seemed monumental in all aspects of Jim Oberweis‘ being.

Once inside, Jim Oberweis wasted no time in taking what was rightfully Jim Oberweis‘, pulling Jon Elrod close for a long, moist and humid kiss. Their tongues intertwined like snakes slithering in a dance of forbidden love. Jim Oberweis‘ well-trained hands ripped open Jon Elrod‘s T-shirt and smoothly undid Jon Elrod’s bra with only minor help from Jon Elrod. Jon Elrod pendulous breasts swayed in anticipation as Jim Oberweis‘ toothless mouth gummed Jon Elrod‘s large, perpetually hard nipples to a near exploding peak. Jon Elrod leaned Jon Elrod head back in submission, allowing this perfect man to claim what was Jim Oberweis‘.

Jon Elrod could not remember how or when this skillful man removed Jon Elrod’s girdle, panties and Levis, but soon Jon Elrod was naked before Jim Oberweis. Jim Oberweis‘ powerful hands and majestic seven fingers pushed on Jon Elrod‘s shoulders. Jon Elrod did not resist. Could not resist. Jon Elrod went to Jon Elrod’s knees and was face-to-face with Jim Oberweis‘ glistening, moist cockhead. Jim Oberweis‘ instrument of devastation was so hard and rigid, it made Jon Elrod flush with the need to consume it. It was as if Jim Oberweis‘ cock glowed with ethereal goodness.

The first taste of Jim Oberweis‘ glans was like honey to a ravenous bear to Jon Elrod, filling Jon Elrod with its sweet, slick nectar. Jon Elrod gave Jim Oberweis all Jon Elrod could. Jon Elrod was Jim Oberweis‘ bitch, Jim Oberweis‘ whore, Jim Oberweis‘ conquest. Jon Elrod took Jim Oberweis‘ entire love muscle in Jon Elrod‘s mouth, something Jon Elrod had never done before. That was Jon Elrod‘s gift to Jim Oberweis. With Jim Oberweis‘ dong of desire nearly touching the back of Jon Elrod throat, Jon Elrod suckled Jim Oberweis to a hardness that would make a sixteen-year-old athletic boy weep tears of envy.

Jim Oberweis‘ climax came quickly and furiously, Jim Oberweis‘ sex sauce sliding down Jon Elrod throat like slimy alien invaders, guiding down Jon Elrod‘s highly sexual esophagus to Jon Elrod‘s creamy stomach. Jim Oberweis‘ authoritative hands pushed Jon Elrod away, and pushed Jim Oberweis‘ sanguine monster of mating back in to Jim Oberweis‘ torn khakis.

Jim Oberweis‘ mission complete and desire sated, Jim Oberweis stepped back, and in the cocksure way that was Jim Oberweis‘ alone, threw a crumpled, sex-stained $10 bill at Jon Elrod‘s quivering, kneeling frame. Jim Oberweis left Jon Elrod‘s room and Jon Elrod’s life, the victor who had claimed Jim Oberweis‘ spoils. And Jim Oberweis left Jon Elrod with memories of lust Jon Elrod could never quench.

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