Gah! Teh Internets, they overwhelm!

Read these articles in case my brain asplodes before I can finish them.

Josh on the Democratic candidates’ constituencies.  Exit-poll data shows that Obama has been able to reach beyond his original base, eating into Hillary’s support.  All Hillary has done is shrink.

Russian succession politics.  Putin just may have picked a winner.  It’s not democracy, but it’s not the end of the world, either.

Just in case they ask.  Of course, they’re going to keep asking, because they don’t want an answer to the question, they just want to keep asking the question.

Professional cassandra, Nouriel Roubini, keeps being right.  Pray that he’s wrong, now.

Mexico, going Colombian?  Man, that would suck.  Of course, there’s a way to undermine these guys, but they have a symbiotic relationship with American politicians that keeps America’s drug laws and foreign drug lords in perfect harmony.  Years from now, I would be surprised to find that foreign drug lords have been funding the hawks in America’s drug war.