Via Balloon-Juice, we find Nick Kristoff dreaming of his handsome new Democrat[ic] overlords with a black mambo up his ass.

… so Mr. McCain’s orneriness toward Republican primary voters makes him a lionheart in the political world.

Unpopularity! It’s the new black!

It’s a pleasure to see candidates who don’t just throw red meat to the crowds but try to offer vegetarian options.

Because our aging colons are clogged with decades of scotch, American cheese, and tax breaks!

Consider torture.

Way ahead of you, dude. Now get on the fucking slab. Your safety word is …

Nah! You don’t get a safety word, bitch!

There was nary a vote in the Republican primary to be gained by opposing the waterboarding of swarthy Muslim men accused of terrorism. But Mr. McCain led the battle against Dick Cheney on torture, even though it cost him donations, votes and endorsements.

Which means you’re going to have so much fun loosing even more of your ass in November?

Oz didn’t make you a bitch, you were born that way.

The Democrats have one candidate they like, and another they love.  The Republicans can’t recruit for any position, let alone the White House.  But, once again, “this is great news for Republicans.”  They’ve failed so miserably that the chasm between them and the voters who hate them is supposed to be some kind of accomplishment.

Wow.  Just … wow.