This reminds me of a bit of hard encryption software that the US government was trying to keep to itself over a decade ago (at the time, it couldn’t be broken). You couldn’t take it out of the country.

Another reason to use R

Posted by Kieran Healy

The wacky world of software licensing visits my inbox:

The newest version of SPSS cannot leave the country according to our current licensing agreement and US Export laws. Additionally, graduate students are not legally allowed to work on laptops (regardless of ownership) that utilizes the university site license. As a result, we are imposing a hiatus on SPSS installations on laptops and on any system that will leave the country until this can be resolved. Anyone who is leaving the country with a UA laptop, please contact us to remove the software before you leave to ensure software licensing and export conditions are met.

(SPSS stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences,” it’s a venerable program I was unfortunate enough to use once as a graduate student. … Once.)

Anyway, back to the 1990’s and that bit of encryption. One of my more … political friends bought a T-shirt that had the code spelled out and even bar-coded so that it could be scanned quickly (assuming you had the gear).

Above all the lines of code were the words “THIS T-SHIRT IS A MUNITION.” I believe she committed a felony by wearing it in front of a Brit. Oh, well.

Since I’m not a programmer, it was just another excuse to stare at her tits.

(that’s not her – believe me, you’d know)