Just for the record, if I am ever president, I’ll divide the Press Secretary’s duties between Ray Lewis and Nathan Lane.

Sure would beat the hell out of this idiot:

The American people will find it baffling that on a day that House leaders are trying to put off passing critical legislation to keep us safer from the threat of foreign terrorists overseas, they are spending scarce time to become the first congress in history to bring contempt charges against a president’s chief of staff and lawyer. … The ‘people’s House’ should reflect the priorities of the American people, not the fantasies of left-wing bloggers.


The line is a familiar one. When the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington revealed that the White House had destroyed millions of e-mails, Perino shrugged them off as the accusations of a “left-wing” group — but she later backtracked.

Congress’s priorities are reflected by the will of the public. A recent CNN poll showed that 68 percent of Americans said waterboarding was torture, and 58% said the U.S. should not use the technique. A January ACLU poll found 57 percent of likely voters opposed telecom immunity, compared to just a third who supported it.

She’s so pretty!  Pretty dumb, just like conservatives like ’em.