No, really, I was in a great mood this morning, joking with my daughter on the way to school, playing silly songs for her.

Then I read the news. The ugly results are below.

Which reminds me:

I don’t represent this guy.

Just because I support him doesn’t mean that I have to embody the politics he talks about. Yeah, I usually get that line from someone who doesn’t support Obama and who never will. I don’t know why they’re so intent on Obama’s new politics if they’re not supporting him, but that’s the internets for you.

I’m not a nice guy. I don’t even think Obama would like me. I don’t care. I was a not nice guy for John Kerry (who seems like a nice guy) and I’ll be a not nice guy supporting whomever else I think will do a good job.

So can the concern troll shit, will ya?