Jake, it’s one thing to think you can actually trust the Weekly Standard to inform you about Democrats, and it’s another to be suckered about impromptu speech that turns out to be … part of a standard speech.

If you had been paying attention, you would have known that.

But really, Jake, the best part is that you wind up producing the same content as Rush Limbaugh.

Citing Dean Barnett’s Weekly Standard piece about a recent speech by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, radio host Rush Limbaugh and ABC’s Jake Tapper promoted Barnett’s claim that without a teleprompter, Obama is, in Limbaugh’s words, “a different guy.” However, in claiming that Obama “improvised” or “ad-libbed” and that the audience “saw a different Obama,” Barnett provided several quotes that have been part of Obama’s standard stump speech since as early as November 2007.

So, why should we listen to you, Jake, when we’ve already got the Flying Fat Man?  What the fuck do we need you for, Mouseketool?  They pour it in your holes, you drip it into the “news.”

Jake, Jake, Jake, do you think you can make a career this way?  This is soooooooooooo pre-2006.