Brandon Friedman, over on Daily KOS, has a good, short piece on the myth of McCain’s military support.  I already knew that Obama was pulling down more money from military families than John McCain, but now we have the numbers to show that they’re not voting for McCain in any significant numbers, either.

Using CNN’s exit poll data, Brandon Friedman is able to show that, among Republicans, McCain carried the veteran vote in Virginia by only 51 – 49.

That’s the good news for McCain.

The bad news is that McCain lost the Republican veteran vote in Louisiana by 47 – 53, in California by 46 – 54, in Florida by 42 – 58, in Oklahoma by the same margin, in Missouri by 39 – 61, and in Georgia by 37 – 63.

Poor McCain.  The conservatives don’t like him.  The establishment Republicans don’t like him.  Hate radio doesn’t like him.

And freakin’ Republican veterans don’t seem to care for him much, either.