TAYBOR (reluctant):

“Ah, dear Doctor Russell. One precious moment, patience, my friends. I wanted to thank you for the creation of my lovely Miss Maya. A small token of my appreciation.”

((Bottle appears in hand)) “It is essence of the planet Hermosia. Gathered from hyperspace by robot ships while its sun was going nova. It’s, ah, aptly named ‘infidelity’, considering the sudden disappearance of its life giving orb.”


“That’s very, very kind of you, but.. “


“Say no more. It is my gift, I insist. Try it at once, for me.”


“Alright. I’ll try it. Thank you. Thank you.”

I saw that scene when it first aired in Austin, Texas.  I have not seen in since.  That’s more than thirty years ago.  I was a child.  In two google searches, I found the script, just by remembering a few key words.  One more google search, and I had the above image from the same episode.

The internet is indeed an amazing thing.