I’m impressed that anyone had the guts to do this, but it’s pointless.

Gay Mormon Group Asks for Meeting With New Church President, Hoping to Address Its Concerns

AP News

Feb 09, 2008 20:44 EST

A group of gay Mormons is seeking an unprecedented meeting with the new church president and his counselors, hoping to begin a conversation and find ways to address the concerns of its members.

Affirmation, with more than 2,000 gay, lesbian and transgender members, is not recognized by the church, which at one time labeled homosexuality as a problem that required help.

Some gays were rejected by their families and excommunicated by the church. Some were counseled that marriage or intensive therapy programs would “cure” their homosexuality.

More recently, church leaders have softened their position, drawing a distinction between the feelings or inclinations of same-gender attraction, as they call it, and actions.

Hinckley, who died Jan. 27 at age 97, had called on the church to reach out to gay members with compassion and love.

Melson said a new approach could prevent Mormon parents from kicking their gay children out of their homes and reduce the number of suicides among young gay men.

Look, parenting is hard, often thankless work. People who don’t have children have no idea what’s involved, and outside your own family there’s little help. People will continue to use homosexuality as an excuse to get out of some of the hardest years of parenting: adolescence. It isn’t just religious people who use this excuse. I’ve met kids on the street who were thrown out for being gay, full stop. No evidence of superstitious justification.

But there’s another factor here. People often come to religion as a way to blame other people for their problems. The churches know this. Only the most marginal churches, therefore, have walked away from using gays as scapegoats. Gays are simply too convenient to use, and God isn’t making any more scapegoats lately.

Brutality and sadism are too appealing to these people, and “God” is too convenient an excuse, for the Mormon Church or any other to get out of the gay-bashing business. Under the pretext of piety, people can give up on their children and blame other people for their failings. Humoring irresponsible cowards is a booming business. Making fun of dead, gay children has a powerful appeal to people like this.