Jake Tapper is at it again. Now, dumbass is pretending that not voting for an amendment that passes (by a vote of 91 – 6) is the same thing as not voting for something you said you were going to vote for, which then fails by the one vote you didn’t cast.

His headline, “After Hammering McCain for Skipping A Stimulus Vote, Clinton Skips A Stimulus Vote,” is a classic example of “letting your mouth write a check your ass can’t catch. ” Buried way down in the piece is the reason why Jake Tapper is a joke:

This afternoon Sen. Clinton missed a vote on an amendment to the economic stimulus package, to add seniors and disabled veterans to the list of those getting rebates, which passed 91-6.

Yep. That’s our Mouseketool for you. He’s pretending that both votes and both outcomes are the same thing, even though he knows better. One is an amendment that didn’t need Clinton’s vote, the other was cloture on the whole thing, which needed McCain’s vote, and he said he was going to vote for it.

The real information is low enough in the article that low-information Clintonphobes will never see it. And, apparently, he got caught:

UPDATE: I had put in the earlier post, linked to above, that while the amendment McCain failed to vote for was defeated narrowly, McCain said he would have voted against it, meaning his absence had no impact on whether the bill would have passed or failed. As with the votes Clinton skipped Thursday.

No, dumbass. That’s what the McCain people said after they found out that his vote had been critical. He’d previously said he’d vote for the package.

Just a note: I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not a Clinton supporter. But anyone who plays by the Clinton rules is one O-Fay motherfucker, no matter which Democrat he’s savaging, no matter which Republican he’s sucking.

So, from Jake Tapper, the Mouseketool, Clinton gets a false analogy that would get a freshman paper an ‘F,’ but for McCain he lets their people walk back in time and change history. He’s willing to play dumb when the Clintons speak, and he’s willing to drip into his column whatever Republicans pour in his hole.

And, Mr. Tapper: you’re not cute enough to play dumb any more.

Remember, this is the same Jake Tapper who got Bill Clinton’s statement completely backward, the pretended he couldn’t understand the correction, and then finally claimed it didn’t matter:

And again, I think the larger point — bigger than me, bigger than one president’s comment — is what would it cost to take action against global warming?

No, the large point is that Clinton said ‘black’ and you said ‘white.’ Typical Republican disinformation. You’re just another hole, Jake. You’ve established that.

So, for you kids following along at home, here are the two easy steps to being a Mouseketool:

  1. lie about Democrats
  2. lie for the Republicans

So now, we know what this guys is. We know what to expect from him this election year. We know what his content is worth, so let’s all stop pretending we’re dealing with a journalist here. Maybe he could go join the Washington Times or something. John Solomon’s about on his level, he’d feel right at home.