Watching bullies be reduced to the blubbering cowards they are is always such fun.
That’s what we’re seeing with the inevitable rejection of Guillermo Gonzalez’s tenure at Iowa State University as a creationist moron. Believe it or not, ignorance is a bar to teaching at a respectable institution.

His partisans claim that ISU faculty ‘discriminated’ against Dr. Gonzalez’s creationist beliefs, but in fact he actually submitted his creationist works as part of his tenure application, which only made it easier for the committee to recognize that as his creationist work became more important to him, his academic publishing fell off.

Simply put, he stopped working as a professional academic so that he could be a superstitious dilettante. This will not stop conservatives, somehow strangely addicted to superstition and ignorance, from whining about this incident as if it were a crime.

The Discovery Institute says Stellar Astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez Denied Fair Hearing by Iowa State

Hah! Get it? He was a “stellar astronomer.” Why do liberals hate such brilliant people?

Wing Nut Daily rallies its lemmings with Regents reject tenure request without evidence, testimony

Apparently, there was no tenure file. Pay attention, guys.

Gonzalez was having too much fun as a rock star to the superstition set to actually, you know, do his job. You’re not entitled to a job you refuse to do simply because you spend all your time daydreaming about supernatural forces. There is no such thing as an entitlement to be stupid and lazy.