Via Atrios (via Think Progress), we find yet another Republican living in a fantasy world, a world where psychos like himself are still normal.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX):

My guess is that 99 percent of the American people, if asked whether they would endorse [waterboarding] to be conducted on a known terrorist with the expectation that information that might be derived from such interrogation would save the lives of thousands of Americans, that 99 percent of the American people would support such interrogation techniques.

Meanwhile, back in the America that is slowly sloughing off Smith’s loser party, we already know that a majority of Americans recognize waterboarding as torture, and a majority of Americans know that that means Americans don’t do that shit. Smith’s America does not exist.

Nor should it.

But this was never about getting good information or protecting Americans. It is no wonder that support for the occupation is highest in the former lynching states. The war in Iraq is socialized snuff porn. People in the lynching states get off on it.

It’s entertainment. That is all.