I dreamt last night that I started a new blog on Word Press.  No, really.

And, in passing  brendoncalling this morning, I had to create a Word Press id just to thank him for this lovely, delicious, delirious piece of schadenfreude:

Then there was a diatribe about how Beck had been “so wrong” about George W. Bush being a conservative, listing W’s crimes against the party in a voice that grew louder and louder with every bullet point, until he was practically shrieking.

After a brief rant about midgets (apparently, by beck’s own account, he melted down on CNN last night), Beck went on an uninterrupted 15 minute rant about “what I believe as a conservative”. This included a long bit on “legal darwinism” and something about judges making laws to feed McDonalds french fries to obese people (I swear I am not making this up). There were no commercial breaks, no patter from the co-host, just Beck, gibbering like a maniac. There was something about “if you show up at the unemployment office and you don’t have a high school diploma” (which Beck apparently believes are free: I thought my taxes pay for public schools) “then you can go sleep on the pavement until you get a GED”. Then Beck said he wasn’t sure whether he’d be called a “racist” or a “sexist” for the next four years.

When I pulled into the parking lot at work 20 minutes ago, he was still going and for all I know he’s STILL losing his marbles. The best part was that nothing he said made sense, no overarching theme other than “Glenn Beck mad! Glenn Beck SMASH!”

So, here I am, blogging again.  It don’t mean much, but apparently, I’m a fucking prophet.  A prophet who enjoys the pain of others.