Does anyone seriously think that al Qaeda suicide bombers are scared of Rove and Bush? The fact is Bush isn’t any good against terror. He didn’t even take them seriously, they were just a bunch of “cockroaches,” remember?

Other nations have dealt more effectively with their terrorists by treating them like organized crime. Bush made it a war and then blew it. Maybe he needs the terrorists to terrorize you?

A bunch of tin-pot caliphate fantasists, dreaming in a cave? Not exactly your axis powers! Bush got his butt whooped by a 98 pound weaking and has spent the last four years claiming he got jumped by a whole gang. Bullshit. Nineteen guys pulled off 9/11. Nineteen. The scale of the devastation of 9/11 isn’t a measure of al Qaeda’s strength, it’s the measure of George Bush’s weakness.

Getting serious about defeating terror starts with getting rid of George Bush. His incompetence is getting people killed and, for the most part, they’re the wrong people. We can’t afford for Bush to let us down again.

Bush was so not serious about terror, he invaded the wrong country. Iraq wasn’t even on their list of state sponsors of terror on 9/11. Hell, Bush was talking about invading Iraq five years ago today, as O’Neill revealed. They were so hot to trot on Iraq that they missed al Qaeda. And then … they went after Iraq anyway! It’s like they’re hell bent on screwing up.

All these special spying powers and they still can’t find bin Laden. The only thing the Bush administation has used them for is spying on us. We’re their real enemy. Blah blah blah about fighting terror coming from the right, it’s nothing but talk. They can’t be bothered to know our enemy, and they won’t sign up to go fight our enemy.

And terror/national security is supposed to be THEIR issue? Yeah, only because the Democrats can’t get organized.